BancABC Banking System Down


Atlas Mara Zimbabwean unit, BancABC’s banking system has been down since Monday leaving thousands of customers stranded.

Customers trying to transact using all the bank’s platforms  are instead being met with a various messages such as one which reads, “Null”.The shutdown, is having an outsize impact on customers who heavily rely on using banking services thus business has been adversely affected.

BancABC customers are having challenges in accessing their money and some are waiting outside the bank for hours hoping the system shutdown would be rectified.The mobile banking platform which uses the short code *242# is inaccessible.Performing transactions such as card payments balance enquiry and other value added services have also been affected.Transactions done through RTGS are taking long to reflect and the VISA system is always said to be intermittent or down as well

The bank has been failing to have a smooth service as every week there are one or two days of inconvenience. Very poor customer service has caused more frustrations as the bank’s customer care lines are always not being answered. Notification of system challenges was only made late yesterday after some customers had made frantic efforts to contact the bank.

“Dear customer,we regret to inform you that we are currently experiencing system challenges.We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.” read the message sent by BancABC.

With the existing cash shortages prevailing in the country most ordinary Zimbabweans and businesses have migrated to digital money and a longer system outage will leave many stranded.

The system outage is one of many that have occurred in the past weeks and it has shortchanged customers in a huge way and the bank risks losing some customers to more competent banks.

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