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Axis Solutions unveils new revenue collection technology

Indigenous-owned Pan-African ICT solutions provider Axis Solutions has launched a new game-changing revenue collection and recording solution that adapts to multiple form factors, from handheld mobile devices, laptops and desktops used in both receipting and invoicing environment.

The solution, aptly dubbed RevMax (short for Revenue Maximisation) is expected to improve efficiencies for companies who have suffered a lot of downtime using the traditional fiscal devices.

Developed internally by the company, the portable RevMax is 90 percent software and 10 percent hardware.Axis solutions said Rev Max processes 30, 000 invoices in an hour, at an average of 500 invoices per minute.

“With RevMax the speeds are higher than any fiscal solution in the country,” the company said, adding “slow is the new down, a few seconds lost is money lost.”

With 7GB storage which can store 2 million invoices, RevMax comes with a larger fiscal memory than the previous fiscal devices so more invoices can be stored on the device.

It has absolutely no moving parts, which means there are no spares. This makes it the most affordable solution.

“Other fiscal devices require spares replacement every now and again, but with RevMax, there are no moving parts and no spares,” added Axis Solutions.

The new solution also boasts of timeous uploads of Day End (Z Reports) to the ZIMRA server automatically.The technology can also be used in offline mode, which means work can continue if the network is down and RevMax will send the invoices and Z report once the network is up.

RevMax has been designed to suit the two environments that is Receipting and Invoicing environments.

Nicole Madziwa

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