Astro Claims 5 000 Units Of Virtual 2 Sold

2013 was the year when the inevitable happened; worldwide sales of smartphones surpassed sales of the more basic (and generally cheaper) feature phone devices for the first time, according to Gartner’s latest market estimates 968 million smartphone device units sold to end users in 2013 out of a total of 1.8 billion mobiles sold.

By Tongai Mwenje

Well coming home, Bethel Communications the owners of  Astro Mobile brand recently during a UZ ICT exhibition event ,revealed that of their 10 000 recent imports, close 50%  of the units have already flooded the market, a figure which we ofcourse can not confirm or deny.

“Apparently the products have been received with aplomb by local consumers in an environment infested with renowned brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. we are slowly gaining traction and visibility from the general populace.”said an executive

Astro Virtual 2 is the company’s flagship smartphone which was launched recently at a colourful event at Harare Golf Club, where experts from Industry, academia, business, government ministers and the media fraternity gathered to witness the launch of the phone.

According to a fresh report from the company, Astro Mobile shipped a record 10000 Astro Virtual 2 smartphones into the country so far, and more are expected to flock in if sales are to require of that.

The executive said, ‘ The Virtual 2 is selling like hot cakes and people are excited about it and that has seen our sales grow’, the source also continued to provide with some sales estimations, ‘So far we have sold 50% of the Virtual 2 that we have already shipped in the country’.

Revealing how they could have it possible, “As a marketing strategy, the company has employed a payment plan strategy to increase the sales of its products. The payment plan involves all civil society, what the plan does is allowing the consumers to get the product at zero deposit and will pay a monthly installment of $31 until they settle their full payment of the product.”

During the launch, the phone was touted to have, Android operating system 4.3 (upgradable  to 4.4)  with full HD 5 inch  gorilla screen,  Quad core processor , 16g internal storage buoyed by a 18mp rear camera plus a 5MP front camera all packed up in 6.5mm (though we measure 6.7mm) housing for a price of $499.

For those of you with Apples and Samsungs we did the comparison  and contrast  and came up with  overall judgement. A hands on report of the actual feel and specs review is still being done for checks and balance.



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