Astonishing, Whatsapp Banned In Iran

Yes unfortunately for them (iranians ) its true! Well at least according to this report from cnet.The vague reason for that seems to be laid upon Zuckerbergs purchase of the messaging servce. Its no fluke since facebook was banned from the country in 2009!


Here is more on the report :

An Iranian censor has banned the uber-popular messaging app WhatsApp and apparently it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s fault… because he’s Jewish.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, certain Iranian officials have pushed for the WhatsApp ban since the company was bought Facebook in February. Those officials oppose Facebook — and now WhatsApp — because they’re run by the “American Zionist” Zuckerberg.

“The reason for this is the adoption of WhatsApp by the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is an American Zionist,” secretary of the Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content Abdolsamad Khorramabadi said, according to Haaretz.

While certain officials and censors back the ban, the Iranian government — which has become more moderate since the election of President Hassan Rouhani — has criticized the move. In a tweet on Iran’s public-facing Twitter account, Communications Minister Mahmoud Mehr said “Government of #Prudence & #Hope fully opposed to filtering of WhatsApp.”

Additionally, Haaretz reports that Mehr also announced, “The government is completely against the ban on WhatsApp.”

Facebook has been blocked in Iran since 2009. The move came after protesters took to the social network to spread word of opposition against Rouhani’s more hardline predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran has also had a contentious relationship with other social media, news sites, and e-mail hosts. Over the last few years, the country has shut off access to major international news sites, Google’s search engine, and YouTube.

Wow, that’s no social life for them, do you think it’s a bit too harsh ? or maybe it’s the right thing for them to do considering what they stand for #Religion.Whatever the case may be , lets rejoice for we have it all in our beloved country!

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