Are Zimbabweans taking websites seriously?

By Toneo T Rutsito
Of late Zimbabwean websites have been under siege, more than 10 reputable company`s website have already been hacked just this year.
Some got defaced or taken offline under various methods of denial of services though the attacks were quiet predominant in the yester year.
I strongly feel that most organisations in Zimbabwe do not take their online presence seriously let alone even consider going online.
Websites designers and hosting companies are proliferating with both good and sub-standard websites going live making some calls to regularise the web services industry substantial.
In this information age, it is rather a case of being uniformed to operate a business without a website, we have moved from the analogue, banners and flyers era where customers and would be potential investors would want to quickly know about you online.
Although the traditional way of marketing products still have its space in our system this should never be misinterpreted as a comfort zone as technology is quickly reshaping the future.

Should we choose to stay in the now moment we might be found stuck up as a victim of technology, yet we could take good lessons from companies like Kodak, who are still reeling from the serious technological advancements forcing them out of business.
Flyers , banners and posters are ok but when today more than 1 billion websites-300x263people are on facebook, hundreds of millions are on twitter, Google plus, linkedin and now moving to whatsapp to text, this should be an obvious sign that there is now a global shift worth serious attention.
Your website is you

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