Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over Missing iMessages

A California woman has kicked off a class action lawsuit against Apple over missing text messages. She claims that after she ditched her iPhone for an Android, Apple’s iMessage system prevented her from receiving “countless” texts after the switch, according to documents filed in a San Jose court.

The suit, first reported by Bloomberg, is based on the long-known Apple iMessage problem: If you ditch your iPhone for an Android (or any other kind of phone), there’s a chance you might not be able to receive texts from other iPhones.

Those iPhones are still assuming the recipients are using iPhones because they never logged out of iMessage. The problem worsens if the person associated only a phone number (and not an Apple ID) with iMessage, since logging out online becomes impossible. The only option for many is to wait 30 days for Apple’s iMessage system to reset itself. The only option for many is to wait 30 days for Apple’s iMessage system to reset itself.

That wasn’t good enough for Adrienne Moore, whose Samsung Galaxy S5 stopped receiving texts from iPhones in April. She is suing Apple for an as-yet-undetermined amount for the missing texts; in the suit, she alleges that Apple is getting in the way of her wireless contract that entitles her to text messages, and didn’t warn her even though the company knows about the problem.

Apple tortiously interfered with the contract for cellular service between these putative class members and their cellular telephone carrier in that Apple’s actions prevented the subscribers from receiving all of their text messages, as they were entitled to obtain through their cellular wireless service contracts.

The suit also claims that Apple has never provided a workable way to fix the problem. In Mashable’s own investigation of the issue, we found that at least one wireless carrier has approached Apple about addressing it, but Apple was reluctant to commit the necessary resources.

Representatives for Apple declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Credit : Mashable

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