Anyone Can Be Hacked!

By Toneo

Ask any computer security personnel, they will tell you that hackers are real and they will use various means to steal your information.

One of the oldesthacking attempt weapons
which still works smoothly even today is the Social Engineering way. With my previous exposure to information and network security, i was so sure that the least ever trick to hit me was a social engineering attack.

While i was going through my daily online routines, i checked my mailbox for the most urgent emails and boom!, Something of “urgency” caught my attention.

I normally do not have time to go through all the mails in details so the ones that i pick, i try to give them deserving attention due to the nature of my public inbox.

So as i quickly went through this mail, i completely fell for it, i believed every word and as i went along it line by line and really felt the need the prove that my account was active on the background of bots which can open mails, i thought this was just a good thing to confirm.

So here i am, already subconsciously convinced that i need to respond positively, then just before i finished reading the mail, Bingo!

There is something wrong with this email. The smart guys have just lost it. They have broken the first rule!. Never ever ask or submit a password to someone for support unless that’s the only option and you really know the person.

Remember an IT personnel would never ask for your password, they have all the passwords. Whether that depends on the user level or not, when its that important they would rather ask you to login or do the unsaid, simply login themselves.

So no matter how convincing the circumstance or the mail is remember the golden rule.


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