#MondayBlues: Anti-corruption Swoop on Ministry of ICT

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) has swooped on the Ministry of ICT, postal and Courier Services and seized some documents from the office including the permanent secretary’s office.

A source close to the development divulged that NetOne scandal issues tops one of the main reasons why the anti corruption team has decided to raid the ministry as they dig around confidential information.

The commission has targeted some specific ministries and state owned companies in their recent blitz as they crack down and dig around for information which at this stage is only known unto themselves as they remain tight lipped of the operation.
Details are still sketchy on what exactly they are looking for as the commission has recently unleashed the same move on most parastatals targeting their perm sec offices.

The recently appointed anticorruption commission  has hogged the limelight for all reasons with other high ranking state officials openly criticizing it.

Some have questioned its modes operandi and cautioned it not to behave like a the only organ working against corruption in Zimbabwe.

Marvelous Chibagidhi

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