Announcing The Mobile Money and Digital Banking Awards Winners

The 2016 Zimbabwe Mobile money and digital banking awards saw the big players of the industry celebrating and cheering for the doer, the achiever, and the one who recognized challenge and did something about it hence being distinct.

The initiative which was driven by OXYLINK Capital Private Limited, recognized Zimbabwe’s most outstanding digital players providing payment solutions to the masses in a unique manner

By Marvelous Chibagidi

To award these players, the adjudicators were looking at distinction, impact, reliability and top of the mind awareness.  

The awards saw Ecocash being crowned the best mobile money and digital payment provider in the telecoms category.ecocash

Ecocash has become the most popular mobile money transfer service in Zimbabwe with an estimated  6 million subscribers.

Cabs, a traditional bank in Zimbabwe which hogged the limelight when they introduced one of the first mobile money transfer service in the banking sector called , Textacash.

This  service has withstood the taste of time serving millions across their well  established branch networks. Textacash links ones bank account to their mobile phone and has a Zimswitch card.


OK scooped the merchant award for the numerous inhouse remittance partners like Kawena and Mukuru while its well distributed network across town cities and low and high density surbubs save the clients well with various Point Of Sale  (POS ) machines.

This has eased the hassles of shopping and banking also.

ZETDC, a subsidiary of ZESA scooped the award best mobile money and digital payment service provider in the biller category  for their Powertel based payment system which has drastically reduced long winding queues around the nation allowing many third part merchants like supermarkerts and banks as well to sell electricity to masses.zetdc


There was a tie between PayNow and Zimswitch for the e-commerce best solution category, these players have been aggressive to create different payment systems for banks and also the online community respectively, moving millions to their digital payment systems.


Being different would not be enough if one is not reliable. Reliability was another aspect which the adjudicators put into consideration at the awards . Every consumer wants a service provider that one can rely on and were money is involved then reliability becomes a must.

Consumers be it individuals or organizations would sure want to trust someone with their money and know that despite it all if it is mobile money and digital payments then one can trust their provider.

Any investment ceases to be worthwhile if it has no impact be it economic or social. Hence the adjudicators were looking at the long and short term impact of the service.

Socially how has the product or service made life easier say for families and communities? This then applies to how even without a bank account one can send money to their loved one through services like Ecocash, Telecash and One wallet which is also reliable and consistent as it is linked to one’s phone.

How a service or product would have an impact on economic grounds is as important as its social impact. This raises questions on the employment creation, trade and wealth creation.

One could applaud players in the telecommunication field as their services and products have created employment for many even without qualifications.

Over the years one can agree that Ecocash, Telecel and Netone have made some people manage to put food on the table for their families. Employment was created with thousands of agents across the nation.

The awards brought to the limelight the service providers who were in easing everydays hassles. Thhese are the innovative ideas which sure show that we are in the digital age.












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