An Indepth Look Into Starface "The Website With Beautiful Girls"


Today we are giving you an article about Starface, a Tech Start-up which was founded by Tino Bakare and Roland Masenda from their high school days in 2009.
Starface is a seasonal beauty contest that allows the general public to point to the faces that they consider beautiful through voting and advocacy. The contestants on Starface are ranked by Face Value which is denoted by a digital currency on the platform called Starcoins. The higher the face value of a contestant, the higher she ranks.
The primary goal for all the contestants who sign up on Starface is to get their friends, family and fans to vote for them by boosting their Face Value. Starface is a freemium and therefore voters, who are known as Scouts, are given 50 free Starcoins every 24 hours to vote for their favorites.
Upon sign up, every Scout is given a Scout ID that he/she can then use to vote for their favourites. However the Scouts can go above the daily limit of 50 free Starcoins to boost their favorite contestant by buying a Starcoins bundle.
The top 10 contestants at the end of the countdown get to keep their final Face Value. This means that their Starcoins are converted into real money using exchange rates that differ based on the contestant’s final position as shown below:
This website is being slowly picking up in the market with a lot of sign ups.
Here are the traffic statistics for the website a week and a half after its launch:
Unique Visitors 568
Number of Daily Visitors 786
Page Views 24 566
Speaking to one of the founders Roland Masenda, he said “their vision is to successfully champion our belief that Beauty is an opinion not a fact-thereby toning down preconceived notions about how beauty is defined in society”.
However there are downsides of the Websites that should be addressed, the site can only be used by Women who are deemed “beautiful”. Now men can argue and say , “we want to also be included in the contest as Handsome”.
On the other hand internationally in countries where there are gay and lesbian rights, men might want to be onboard as contestants too deemed “beautiful”, this might be a controversial issue in countries with gay rights unlike here in Zimbabwe where we do not accept such.
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