American Company STEAMS Up Tynwald School

An American headquartered social impact company Level Up Village set base in the country on Monday at Tynwald School, marking a partnership with eLearning Solutions that seeks to bring STEAM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics and Arts) opportunities to local schools.

Launched in 2012, LUV runs courses during school, after-school and in the summer for students at more than 250 U.S. schools, with 40+ Global Partner organizations in more than 20 countries.

“Level Up Village began working with five schools in Zimbabwe in 2017: Tynwald School in Harare, Wise Owl School in Marondera, Sharon School in Harare, Goldridge High School in KweKwe and Anderson Adventist High School in Gweru.

“In the coming few months, Level Up Village expects to introduce its programs to as many as 20 additional schools in Zimbabwe,” said the company in a statement.

In every Level Up Village course, students are paired one on one with partner students in other countries. Together, they follow the same curriculum and collaborate on STEAM projects by exchanging asynchronous video messages, collaborating on shared project files and creating personal profiles – all through LUV’s Global Communication Platform. Starting in September 2017, students will also be able to connect with their partners in real-time via live video chat.

Tynwald School Teacher with LUV eLearning Solutions Training certificate

“We give schools everything they need to facilitate global collaboration between their students and partner students in other countries, so together, they can learn STEM skills such as 3D printing, programming and web design, as well as the softer skills of communication and collaboration.”

eLearning Solutions is a digital learning solutions provider of 21st century learning solutions designed to empower educators, stimulate learners and promote learning excellence across sub-Saharan markets.

“We expect that educators across Zimbabwe will be keenly interested in introducing LUV’s global education courses to their classrooms and look forward to bringing LUV programs to even more schools in the next year,” said Isaac Chafera, Head of Business of eLearning Solutions. “Level Up Village’s innovative programs enable schools to create a cutting-edge 21st Century global learning environment that is helping students in Zimbabwe to develop essential STEM skills, while also learning to communicate effectively with partners in the United States.”

Tynwald Primary School Headmaster Sevias Mujere said the nation could take a leaf from LUV programs to incorporate in its STEM initiative.

“I am very excited that we are taking Level Up Village’s global STEAM programs to a higher level for the benefit of our learners and our staff. It such a fantastic programme that the country needs to know and embrace,” he said.

Schools that partner with Level Up Village receive the following:

  • Fully developed, cutting-edge STEAM curriculum
  • Comprehensive teacher training
  • Access to LUV’s growing network of global partners
  • Experienced management of the global collaboration process
  • Ongoing customer support

While schools in Zimbabwe get to access Level Up Village at no cost to the school, schools are expected to meet a high level of stakeholder participation, dedication and attention to the three pillars that make this collaboration a success:

  • School leadership
  • Teacher participation
  • Technology infrastructure (especially connectivity)

Level Up Village will also give technology grants to Zimbabwe schools participating in LUV programs to assist the schools in developing their ICT

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