Amazing Facebook Tricks

Most of us surf Facebook in a regular manner to stay updated about our friends and to keep them in turn update about us. It is surprising that in spite of spending so much time on Facebook on a daily basis, many of us are not aware about the amazing Facebook tricks that are simple and yet are not documented well over the web. Here, we are presenting some of those cool tricks for Facebook that you will simply love to do next time whenever you will log on to your Facebook account as per your need and desire.

By Tongai Mwenje

1. Display only selected images on your profile page

To accomplish this task, you need to go to Settings by choosing the gear icon from the right hand corner of your Facebook page. Then, you need to simply go to Privacy Settings and Tools. There, you will see ‘Who can see my stuff?’ In this section, you need to choose the custom button and type the name of your selected friends who can view all images of your profile page. For all other images, you can post them as public. Thus, only some selected images that are not under public section will appear on your profile page for others. Isn’t this a great Facebook trick?

display selected images on facebook

2. Get rid of those nasty Facebook advertisements

Sometimes, Facebook advertisements appear annoying due to their intrusive and offensive content or images. Yes, you can very well get rid of all the advertisements that appear in your Facebook page by clicking the cross button at the top-corner of each advertisement. Simply choose “I don’t want to see this” after clicking at the cross or close button.

facebook trick to get rid of advertisements

3. Post blog posts automatically on Facebook wall

If you have a blog and you are tired of posting the blog posts on your Facebook wall then there is a Facebook trick that allows doing this task without any hassle. There is a WordBook Plugin that allows this in an amazing manner.

facebook trick to post blog posts automatically

4. Facebook trick to hide online status during chat from chosen contacts

This cool Facebook trick unknown to many is of huge significance. You might don’t want to appear in the chat list of others or want to chat only with a handful of friends as most of the times we end up adding many people in our friend list without thinking much. For this, you need to click at the gear icon of your chat list to hide the friends with whom you do not want to chat. You can anytime change the setting to again resuming chatting with them.

turn off facebook chat for specific person

5. Befriend someone and hide it from your Facebook status update

This trick is something that you may need badly. Many times, parents keep a check on the Facebook account of their kids and they don’t feel right that you are befriending some person unknown. To overcome this problem, you have to just go to the status update section and click the name of a person from whom you want to hide your status update.

facebook trick for custom privacy


Thus, you can see that there are plenty of cool not so popular Facebook tricks that are great to implement. Hope, you like all these Facebook tricks.

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