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All Set For Astro’s Eshagi, Electronic Loans at Convenience


Astro is getting ready to introduce a very  interesting  platform called  Eshagi, a mobile app that will allow Zimbabweans to apply for  instant loans at the comfort of their homes  with instant approvals.

What is more interesting is that this app is not just targeting the traditional market  which is  civil servants  via the Salary Service Bureau (SSB) or defense  forces or  ZAPAR platform  but  goes beyond  this market as they  seek to save both those in the formal and  informal  sector to capitalize SMES and the  informal sector.

The service is   also extended to personal loans service which only needs one to input personal details for banks to do their Know Your Client verification, obviously to help them against potential fraud, before processing the application,

We are yet to fully understand which other financial institutions are they  going to be  riding on but rumors  has it that it will be mainly riding on the  CBZ  bank platform.

There are still questions on  how much they are giving  as the maximum limit for their loan service, Interst rates, issues of any collateral security for non-civil servants and how SMEs will repay if they are  not on the  SSB payment  platform.

However there is much excitement on the instant capabilities, as they launch the service over the lockdown, much relief to the locked down citizens .

However the service is highly anticipated to we officially  launched this week, with a  source close to developments  stating that its now all systems go, as they seek to financially empower  Zimbabweans at the comfort of their homes

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