Airtel rolls out mobile HD voice service in Africa

A leading telecommunications services provider with
operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, has announced the launch
of the mobile HD voice service for its subscribers in Africa. The
development comes as the first step in Airtel’s ambition to make mobile HD
voice accessible in all its operations across the continent.

In their press release to TechnoMag, Airtel said HD voice is the most significant improvement in voice communications in the
past two decades. Mobile HD voice offers crystal clear audio quality and
will enhance user experience on Airtel mobile networks. “Surveys confirm
that customers place a high value on HD Voice”, explains Andre Beyers, the
Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Africa. “The new service will enrich
end-user experience for Airtel subscribers”.

Mobile HD Voice enables high-quality voice calls because it reduces
background noise often heard on a regular call. Airtel customers on 3G
networks will experience a significant improvement in their voice
communications as the new service will enable them to hear better in noisy

To enjoy the maximum benefits of this new technology, both the calling and
the called party need an HD-Voice compatible mobile phone. However,
improvements in call quality are also perceived when using an HD
voice-enabled phone to call a non-HD Voice phone.

Mobile HD Voice based on AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate) Wideband technology
(W-AMR) operates with nine different bit rates, providing high-quality voice
calls. Compared to the current narrowband speech codec, the W-AMR
speech-compression algorithm doubles voice bandwidth and produces better

After years of trials, HD Voice services were launched in 2009 and they are
now available in 35 countries around the world. According to the results of
a recent survey, 96% of customers are satisfied with HD Voice calls, hence
the rapid pace of commercialization of the services across the globe.

Airtel becomes the third operator to launch a mobile HD voice service in
Africa. The telecommunications company aims to make HD voice a reality on
the continent. Further launches will be scheduled in 2013.

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