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Kenyan Company Launches A Universal Portal, Traces Anyone’s Health Record


Kenyan based healthTech company AfyaRekod has launched the Universal Patient Portal which is meant to cater for worldwide health data mobility management.

The Universal Patient Portal is built on the block-chain technology that will transform the face of patient care across Africa and the World.

In a press release issued on Thursday, AfyaRekod Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Kamara said, the move to come up with the Universal Patient Portal was to bridge a gap between health care and treatment, anywhere, anytime for patients, medical professionals, providers and organisations.

“We identified the capture and storage of accurate data across every possible level of health infrastructure as a core problem. Bringing real time access to data that captures the mobility of health records was the solution.

“Our tool now allows patients to create a portal with all their health data and most importantly gives patients sovereign rights of ownership of their data. The patient logs in and sees all their information, from every healthcare provider they have interacted with.

“The power of patients owning their health records and having real time access to their information is lifesaving, and it is their right to have access to it,” said Kamara.

Kamara was prompted to come up with this initiative after the death of his friend who received wrong medication in an emergency.

An International Organisation for Migration (IOM) report released in 2015 indicated that around 12 million incidents of patient misdiagnosis occur annually in the USA, a country with a well-developed healthcare sector.
Misdiagnosis is preventable, but only if health records are accurate and mobile.

The Universal Patient Portal will be accessed on a secured centralised platform

AfyaRekod is part of the NVIDIA AI program via AICE Africa and has over 150,000 users in Kenya alone and over 50 hospitals as its expanding in Nigeria, SA, Tanzania and Zambia.

It’s key partners include, The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK), Healthy Mind Foundation (Nigeria), AURA (South Africa), GE Healthcare, Telkom, The Africa Block-Chain Center, The AI Center of Excellence, Adanian Labs and Lishe Living among others.

The pandemic has pressed the fast-forward button, bringing an urgency into health data accessibility and analytics. This is a global problem that is being addressed by a patient-centred health care innovation.

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