Africom’s Shareholders Unanimously Agree!

By Percy Tavagwisa

Africom seems to be heading for growth after all shareholders unanimously threw their support at the recently held EGM in Harare. At the EGM held on Wednesday 3rd December 2013, there was a unanimous agreement with regards to the operation of the business and the direction it is taking. Part of the resolutions was to re-capacitate the business with good millions worth of funding to keep up with competition and the growing trends in telecommunications.

A close shareholder source revealed that there was unanimous agreement to the notions raised and all the shareholders’ spirit is behind the taking off of the organization to new levels. “We seem to be heading towards exciting times, yeah everyone unanimously agreed to support the business in the interest of shareholders and the nation at large”said a shareholder

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The telecommunications industry is one of the most lucrative business ventures contributing over 15% to GDP and it is ranked top amongst other industries like mining and agriculture. Recently Econet was awarded with a lifetime award for contributing to the economy over 1, 2 Billion to date. One of the challenges currently bedeviling our telecommunications industry in Zimbabwe is the aspect of infrastructure development compared to other countries. We have seen some digging being done by all telecommunications operators and also some construction of towers which we feel if the operators were to share; it would boost the economy in one way or the other.

The re-energized Africom is the leading converged telecoms company, which 20 years ago was the first company to integrate voice, video, data over broadband. Africom has been known to provide corporate solutions but ventured in the telco space in 2008 with the Internet Access Provider licensing spree by Potraz following the deregulation.
Amongst other individual and corporate shareholders, Africom’s shareholding comprises of Old Mutual, Nssa and First Mutual. Africom is the fourth voice operator overally but the first Voip operator and also it leads interms of data provision mainly in corporate solutions. Most telecommunications companies are seeing the light of venturing into data services seeing that the world is going Internet Protocol (IP) while companies like Africom are already IP based by birth.

Africom offers broadband connectivity over a variety of media, including satellite, fibre and wireless. It offers converged voice and data solutions for different market segments, from corporate through to the individual and home user. Their services also include professional premise wiring and WIFI, international connectivity solutions, internet services, Innovative voip applications, security services, professional ICT consultancy services as well as project management amongst others.

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Africom’s growth as a company will come from the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure in Africa and their vision seems to be resting towards continental leadership in IP based services.


The recently held EGM will see Africom taking great strides to its next biggest level as it has been empowered by all stakeholders, allowing growth and much more revenue streams for the technological entreprise.

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