Africom SmartApp Recharges Airtime Via Phone Camera


Scratching a recharge card and taking time to enter those tiny numbers in my phone has been a nightmare. Many people struggle to enter those recharge numbers correctly at once, ending up trying several times or ask for assistance from guys next door especially by those with impaired vision.

Besides this obvious fact, topping up code by code is just but a bore, inconveniencing and dangerous especially when driving, jaywalking or minding other business, (though the later is obviously illegal) the point is topping up is inevitable and inconveniencing.

By Tongai Mwenje

How about buying your airtime, scratch it and recharge it with the aid of your mobile phone camera?Yes, its now possible to those mobile phones with cameras running on android software.10376924_755594031169262_7979396795041048639_n

Africom has has developed a brand new and amazing app called the SmartApp, key amongst other functionalities it allows you to top via your camera. This enables subscribers to top up airtime simply by pointing the camera towards a recharge card. This innovative and convenient application will give mobile subscribers an opportunity to recharge their SIM cards hassle free.

The technology is a simple  equivalent to QR code readers that can identyfy scrambled data and decipher the hidden message which can then be used to top up one`s phone from the syste,

SmartApp also has a number of exciting functionalities such as news from local , regional and international news sources  and classifieds for users to utitlise. SmartApp is available for all android users to download for free. You can follow this link Http://  , and on google playstore (smartapp red logo). Website

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however this Application works only on special cards, most likely those which are coded in the QR format.

Africom may set the tone for all other mobile network operators to imitate as we are still scratching the code to top up across all networks.

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