Africom Quadruples at 4g for $25 This Christmas


By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Africom has dropped a Christmas present to its subscribers this festive season by offering a whooping quadrupled 4g for only $25.

This same amount only used to give  subscribers a total 1g.

The marketing Manager with Africom Mr Prospers Mutswiri said” Crossover to year 2014 with amazing internet bundles and enjoy high speed  internet”

Africom has been known for a long time for its very affordable internet services for a long time now and being the first to slash a gig for $18 per month when most players were flying just too high, setting a new precedence in the market.

Although Africom has been overly very affordable it still faces the major challenge of coverage, in some areas it is not covered at all while it runs patches in some regions a cause of concern which has greatly slowed down its general uptake within the consumer market.

Their consumer market base was recently reported to be at 100 000 customers excludint the corporate market.

Mr Mutswiri said this is soon going to be a thing of the past as Africom is already on an expansion drive to cover at national level with all major cities already covered, we are now increasing our base station coverage and bandwidth”


Speaking of bandwidth, CDMA technology has been known to disappoint in Zimbabwe with most subscribers complaining of low to poor connectivity speeds, Africom said they are seriously working on this bandwidth contention issue resulting in poor connectivity speeds.

Africom has also been known in the circles to be the “network of surprises” whereby it reaches far above 512kbp/s at times to a mere idling speed of less than 10 kbp/s, this is a sign of bandwidth contention on peak hours against off peak hours which they need to urgently look into to create a perfect brand.

As for now, well we say what a Christmas present as subscribers surf away for times more.

By the way the promotion is valid till 31 January, we hope maybe like the last time they may extend this period too.

Nicole Madziwa

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