Africom Partners Dairibord Rugby Festival

[headlines headline=”h3″ ]Remember The Cottco Rugby festival, obviously for most Zimbabwean youths, this is an event they look out for annually. While officially we kiss the old name goodbye, the event is now being called the Dairibord Rugby Festival.[/headlines]

To add connectivity to the event, Africom, one of Zimbabwe’s leading converged telecommunications company will this year be participating  at the 2014 Dairibord Rugby festival as they partner Lyons in providing WIFI internet access during the event.

 By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

The WIFI service will cover the Lyons main arenas and will be available for the whole duration of the event.

The event will start Today  the 5th May ending on the 10th May 2014 and normally attracts a lot of local and international participants who normally would like to get in touch with their businesses and families hence the coming in of technology. The internet service is packaged with Lyons services which will be selling during the event.

Africom will be exhibiting and at the same time selling its services at promotion. We have also learned that Africom staff will be helping visitors to download Guroo (for iOS devices , Windows and Android too), Zimbabwe’s leading innovative VoIP application set to change the telecommunications game.

The Guroo voice application which works independent of any network provider as long as you are on internet connection. The service allows calling at very cheap rates both locally and internationally.

We once talked much about the app some time ago and had a video interview to describe how it works. This is one for obvious reasons which some mobile network operators have silently sabotaged as they fight the emergence of an alternative voice calling app.

Africom seems to remained resilient in pushing the VoIP app that makes calling across all networks a reality, infact an equivalent of what Whatsapp is still trying to launch, when announced that they will have voice calling on Whatsapp.



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