Africom Launches Infinite Voice & Data From $10

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Africom, Zimbabwe’s leading converged telecommunications company licensed with Class A, IAP license which allows it to provide voice and data services has come up with yet another market mover.

Just recently we gave you a full insight on their game changer, Guroo a VoIP based app plus the full video that makes you call any number for only 6 cents per minute and today they announced yet another data promotion.

For only $10 per month, you can now call unlimited numbers (including guroo numbers) but the promotion is limited to Africom network, any other numbers will be charged at 12 cents per minute.

For Data/ Internet- the customer will only pay $35 for the whole month and enjoy unlimited internet access which is they coined infinite. In this package, customers only need to budget $35 and enjoy unlimited internet access, downloads 24/7. Devices used to access the services include any CDMA device, Africom dongles and wifi modems available at all Africom shops, OK and Zimpost countrywide. There are no excess charges at all.

Already for almost 3 straight years now, Africom has been trending as Zimbabwe`s most affordable internet Access Provider charging the lowest rates in the market.


Africom CEO, Rudo Mudavanhu said that Africom has always made their products available at the most convenient pricing yet they have continued to be profitable over the past seasons.

The race in Zimbabwe Telecoms sector continues to get hotter by the day as new and exciting innovations continue to be introduced.
The promotion is meant to activate existing sleeping subscribers and get more subscribers onboard on the Africom Network as they boast of underutilized capacity to take up much more subscribers without suffering from bandwidth contention issues.

According to an Africom rep, “We are also inviting anyone with a CDMA device to come and get activated on our network. We know customers are visiting China and other parts of the world hence accessing these CDMA devices and we are saying YES they do work on our network so please come and be part of the promotion”

The promotion runs till the 30th September and by then they promise to introduce something exciting as well to those who would have joined the journey.

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