Africom Launches An Innovative “Business In a Box”

Kwanayi Kashangura Africom Founder

Kwanayi Kashangura Africom Founder

Africom, Zimbabwe’s leading converged ICT service provider have done it again by launching a service offering targeted at SMEs and corporate sector in Zimbabwe. According to Africom source, the service is line with Africom’s main mandate which is to provide tailor made solutions for the business sector by providing tailor made cutting edge ICT solutions at affordable rates.

As the first company in Zimbabwe to challenge convention by offering a converged communication solution, Africom have set themselves apart from traditional operators through innovation and professionalism.

business in a boz Africom
Speaking to media, the Marketing Manager Prosper Mutswiri said “We are the first company to integrate data, voice and video over broadband as well as mobility into a single unified solution with the sole aim of connecting our customers to success.

Now we are the first to bring a platform where our business customers get all their communication needs from one service provider all in a single and most affordable cost which we call guroo business”
Africom recently launched the guroo voice application and now is expanding the service to the businesses in Zimbabwe. The solution will see SMEs in Zimbabwe getting good telecoms products at low cost, infact at no installation costs.

“We are also excited today as we continue to build an enduring legacy” said Mutswiri. The products that Africom provide to its business customers include Metropolitan Fibre Network across all provinces of Zimbabwe with a microwave backbone redundancy.

We have an optic fibre link to the Seacom cable, bringing cheaper and reliable internet to consumers across the country. Our robust satellite infrastructure connects to tier one service providers all over the world and we have developed numerous countrywide wireless coverage zones as well as zones that trav

Africom Sales Manager Tafadzwa Ndudzo, Marketing Manager Prosper Mutswiri, and TechnoMag Editor Toneo Rutsito

Africom Sales Manager Tafadzwa Ndudzo, Marketing Manager Prosper Mutswiri, and TechnoMag Editor Toneo Rutsito

erse all commercial highways.
Africom’s Wi-Max network also delivers 24/7/365 connectivity with reliable back-up power to ensure continuity. They provide a robust CDMA network using CDMA technology 1X+EVDO (CDMA 2000) over an IMS platform (IP multimedia subsystem).
africom business

This unique platform allows for voice, data and video over broadband. We also retain custodianship of the Zimbabwe International Peering Point for all ISP and AIP’s. The myriad product ranges on offer speaks to the converged and universal appeal Africom brings to the ICT industry.

• Guroo business is an all in one ICT communication solution service designed for business. In this businesses get all their communication needs all in a single bill. There is no need to worry about looking for more service providers.
• Essential innovative products that are able to cut running costs and optimise business operations.
• The most affordable converged ICT solutions for small to medium-sized business
• Designed to compliment what small to medium-sized business will need from their ICT service provider.

Why Guroo Business?
• Convenience
• Simplicity
• Cost Effectiveness
• All in one solution
• Follow me voice services
• Roam anywhere with your business

More Benefits of being on Guroo Business.
• Streamline operations and increase business insight
• Increase business agility
• Reduce IT cost by avoiding the large capital
• Minimise ongoing IT overheads
• Increase Speed to Market by deploying

Guroo Business has something for every business (whatever size and structure)

Guroo Business Basic (at $55,00)
• Recommended for small businesses.
• Telephony services( Voice calls across networks)
• Broadband Internet
• Local Domain Registration
• Domain Hosting
• Email Hosting
• 24/7 technical support services

Guroo Business Basic Plus (at $125)
• Recommended for small businesses
• Telephony services/ Voice calls
• Broadband Internet
• Local Domain Registration
• Domain Hosting
• Email Hosting
• Unified Communication services
• Collaboration
• 24 hour support services

Guroo Business Classic (at $350)
• Telephony services across networks
• Broadband Internet
• Local Domain Registration
• Domain Hosting
• Email Hosting
• Unified Communication
• Collaboration
• Cumulus ERP
Guroo Business Flexi
This service allows corporates to create their own product from a wide range of services powered by different platforms.

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