Africom firms Ground With Its 08644 Voice Netwowk

Africom, Zimbabwe’s leading converged communications service provider firms up on its licensed voice offering as it has witnessed significant market growth rate in Zimbabwe.

Africom’s voice service which is delivered as Voice Over Internet protocol( Voip) is the cheapest in the market as it allows customers to call from as little as 6cents per minute. As the first company in Zimbabwe to challenge convention by offering a converged communication solution, they have set themselves apart from traditional operators.

For many years now Africom has been providing the cheapest voice service in the market, data and other broadband services at the most affordable rates.Africom were the first company to integrate data, voice and video over broadband as well as mobility into a single unified solution with the sole aim of connecting customers to success.

Since its inception in 1995, Africom has made great strides and earned many achievements in the ICT and telecommunications industry. Growing from a premise wiring enterprise into a fully fledged converged communications provider that it is today.

Africom has continued to redefine communications in Zimbabwe through provision of unique innovative ICT solutions.

Africom’s network destination code is 08644. With Africom voice services you can enjoy unique services like:

ü  Infinite voice at $10 per months on any africom network

ü  6cents to Africom numbers

ü  12cents across networks( Econet, Telecel, Netone, Telone)

ü  Cheapest international calls and per second billing applies.

ü  Talk, surf or do both with the wide range of CDMA enabled devices available at Africom.

ü  Voice service is available on both fixed and mobile voice services.

ü  Affordable fixed and mobile handsets available on credit facilities.

ü  You can roam with your Africom services. Africom introduced a unique voice application which allows customers to roam with their number anywhere in the world and still enjoy the cheapest voice services at local rates.

Africom’s voice is available on a CDMA network which makes customers access the services using CDMA devices which are able to deliver converged services. In this, customers can also use these devices as modems to access internet thus killing more birds with one stone.’ Unlike any usual voice offering, Africom’s devices can deliver both voice and data services at the same time. We know that customers are looking for affordable services and convenience and this we have just done”. We also have services available on credit terms and customers can approach any of our outlets countrywide and access this service’ said Africom Marketing Manager Prosper Mutswiri.

Africom have covered most major highway towns and cities across the country with its services which means customers can enjoy the most affordable services from a trusted service provider Africom. “You will see that when it comes to major highways, most towns and cities you are assured to our services. For example, if you are travelling to Bulawayo you can’t miss a town without Africom’s voice service” said Prosper Mutswiri.

Africom invested in a robust CDMA network using CDMA technology 1X+EVDO (CDMA 2000) over an IMS platform (IP multimedia subsystem). The IMS platform allows for voice, data and video over broadband. We also retain custodianship of the Zimbabwe International Peering Point for all ISP and AIP’s. The myriad product ranges on offer speaks to the converged and universal appeal Africom brings to the ICT industry.



Africom has interconnected to all networks locally and internationally. These includes Econet, Telecel, Netone,Telone and other newly operational licensed operators.Africom still remains the cheapest network in calling international subscribers.

Africom have got fully fledged customer support services centres across the countrywith a strong backborne of a 24/7 state of the art call centre.

Africom’s services access points

Africom’s services are available through all Africom dealers and partners:

  • Africom shops
  • OK Zimbabwe
  • Zimpost outlets
  • Easi
  • MDS 2
  • Airtime plus.

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