Africom Extends Voice and Data Packages Offering, Offers 18cents Unlimited Calls.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Africom, one of the pioneers of converged  commuicaton in Zimbabwe has come up with an extended data promotion and voice plan on their platform which will see customers being charged  only the  first 3min of their voice calls plus 4g data for $25.

The Marketing Manager with Africom, Mr Prosper Mutswiri said “the Africom crossover promotion has been extended for the next 3months, for only $25 you still get 4GB of data and we have also unleashed a new Voice offering where you call from Africom and get charged for only 3 minutes and enjoy free calling for the rest of that call with fair usage policy applying.

For this valentine Africom is also giving away incentives to  clients with many promotions and give aways already kick-started on our Facebook page

Mutsiri said In a highly promotional charged voice market, Africom seeks to maintain relevance by offering its client a package that continues to beat them all since inception and adds value to the customer.

Currently Africom has been charging only 6cents per minute for Africom to Africom calls and 12cents for across all network calls.

Africom has recharged their voice offering, they are now only going to be charging only the first three minutes of your call then the rest will be unlimited.

This simply means a call within Africom will now cost 18cents unlimited and 12 cents per minute across networks compared to the current local voice calls, hence Africom still leads in value.

Econet is now officially giving the original 3min 30sec for a dollar after suspending their voice bundles, Telecel gives you the normal 3min 30 seconds plus 50 % bonus after moving from their original 100% promotion plus 60min intra calls. Netone however still gives you the same dollar value across all networks plus unlimited local calls.

Africom has also extended their $25 for 4g data package which was due to expire beginning of this month for the next 3 months.

With current Voice and data promotions across networks, Africom may be commended for their voice offering yet the data package may still be a good move, but falls way off with their competition which now offers much more larger data capacities.

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