Africom Claims A First, in Online Payment.


Africom, one of Zimbabwe`s Internet Access Provider has moved in to consolidate their position in the market as they advance with ease, availing online payment systems for their various products targeted at both local and international customers.

Speaking to the marketing manager with Africom, Mr Prosper Mutswiri, on the development, He claimed that there were the first access provider to avail online payment system in Zimbabwe a long time ago but most Zimbabweans without debit cards could not benefit.

“We were the first telco in Zimbabwe to unveil an online payment system for our clients, since the introduction of Guroo, more than a year now we have allowed our customers to easily transact and top up for services via PayPal , Visa or Master card” said Mutswiri.

Prosper Washe Mutswiri CIM
Asked how exactly the Zimbabweans can benefit from the platform online he said,

“As an Africom customer, you can top up Guroo, voice and internet services wherever you are using Africom’s online portal. This means that we have made transacting using PayPal, VISA or MasterCard more reliable, secure, convenient and faster.”

The online payment market in Zimbabwe has recently been excited by the introduction of PayPal to Zimbabwe making it possible for anyone with a Visa card or master card to finally be enabled to buy anything online or pay for services, software or support.
“We realize the changes in our customer tastes and we move with the changes. We want to create convenience to our customers both in Zimbabwe and abroad. The platforms have seen those customers with Diaspora relatives being able to buy them airtime and Africom products,” added Mutswiri

This has also been buoyed by the entry of Econet`s master card, an integrated system to Ecocash, Zimbabwe`s biggest mobile money transfer system which has seen millions of the unbanked community jumping on the ship to transact.

Telecel has also introduced their Zimswitch based card adding their voice to a cashless society as technology in Zimbabwe advances.

However another Player Paynow, a non mobile network operator has also introduced online payment system integrating various merchants allowing online payments to be made directly to the bank accounts revolutionising the online payment game.

Paynow is however not limited to any mobile network operator but allows payments from any mobile network, debit card to any merchants in Zimbabwe, a move which PayPal has already announced they will not support as yet, creating a unique opportunity for the Webdev team behind the project.
The entry of all these online payments have seen the opening e-commerce in Zimbabwe which was mainly being hampered by the absence of online payment system virtually rendering e-commerce in Zimbabwe a nullity.
The opening up of the platforms, can tremendously add value to the nation`s GDP, a move which has seen west African countries depend heavily on mobile and online payments for their socio economic development.

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