Africom 4G Lands in Chitungwiza at $ 13mil


Africom, the pioneer of mass CDMA delivery  technology in Zimbabwe and a leading VOIP service provider in Zimbabwe has moved in to capture masses in the high density town of Chitungwiza by unveiling 4g speeds  to the community.

Speaking at the launch ceremony held in Chitungiza today, the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services, Mr Cosmas Chigwamba, who stood in for guest of honour, Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, said ICT is key in ensuring ease of doing business and driving economic growth.

“Zimbabwe must not be left behind in the digital drive. We need to have a knowledge based society by 2020 through ICT and all communities must be part of it,” he said.

The major advantage that Africom has is its delivery technology of voice over  CDMA base stations, which is way too cheaper to drive voice and data, compared to GSM basestations, hence very low tarrifs to sunbscribers.

As Africom takes advantage of its frequnecy allocation which allows it to spread 4G signalls over longer distances, the network has sparked a marketing offensive of targeting the higly populated city of  Chitungwiza which is likely to becone a rewarding move for the netowrk.

Africom Managing Director, Mrs Rudo Mudavanhu said that the $13million  investiment in Chitungwiza was strategic to deliver high internet speeds and connectivity to the population.

Rudo advocated for more symbiotic synergies in the sector towards the developemnt of ICTS and  hailed other networks for embracing network sharing.

Africom Board Chairperson, Dr Sibusiso Moyo said his organisation is proud to be part of the drive to empower Zimbabweans through ICT, adding that they believe in competition in the sector as it ensures the provision of world class services.

Dr Moyo said competition in the sector will enable services providers to provide world class services as demand for the services going to rise, hence they will be competitive in service delivery.

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