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African Artists paid on Tiktok


TikTok has announced a deal in which African artists will be paid every time  when their songs are  played on the video sharing platform.

In a blog post, the Chinese Company said it has signed this agreement with the Southern Africa Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) as well as with the Composers Authors and Publishers Association (CAPASSO). 

The two organisations are the ones representing all artists across the continent which the multi-year agreement covers.

CAPASSO CEO Wiseman Qinani Ngubo said the agreement will ensure African songwriters are taken care of on the platform  as they will be receiving their royalties through the association.

“We are happy to have reached an agreement with TikTok in order to ensure that pan-African songwriters are taken care of on the platform. Registered musicians will receive royalties via Capasso, which has more than 7,000 members.”

Sony Music and Warner Music Group entered into similar licensing agreements with the company

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