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Africa BlockChain Center Together With Adanian Labs Hosts Hybrid BlockChain Hackathon


Africa BlockChain Center and Adanian Labs have partnered together to host a Hybrid Tech Hackathon for Web 3 developers.

The event will take place Virtually on the 15th-19th of July 2022 and will also be hosted physically in South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.

The Hybrid Blockchain Hackathon will be running under the theme dubbed “Achieving Sustainable Development Goals using BlockChain Technology.”

Developers who are willing to showcase their projects stand a chance of winning cash prize, 1st prize $500USD, 2nd Prize $300USD and 3rd prize $200 USD.

Hackathon winners will also receive free access to a blockchain mentoring program for 6 months(2022-2023).

All participants, whether they win or lose will still get a chance to test their skill and knowledge on how blockchain can be implemented under the mentorship and guidance of the industry experts and blockchain developers.

The team membership will be a maximum of 3 and a minimum of 2 team members.

The participating teams must have their own ideas that they can convert into projects that adopt blockchain chain features during the hackathon.

The desired outcome for each of the projects would be a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) which would showcase good ideas and actual working prototype of Projects that adopt blockchain technology.

The Blockchain Technologies that will be accepted to use for the hackathon will be Algorand, Cardano, Ethereum, Solana and Avalanche.

For more information, and to register click the link

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