Affirmative! Pay Pal Now Active For Zimbabwe

Exactly one day after the official announcement of Pay Pal coming to Zimbabwe, by Mr  Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal , The statement has just been confirmed as Zimbabwe is now already listed.

Perched at the last (by alphabetic order), Zimbabwe is now officially listed amongst the only 200 countries running Pay Pal world wide.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Paypal cponfirmed on Zim

For now the good news is that anyone  who has a bank account  and a a Visa or master card option can now simply pay for any service they deem necessary from the internet.

I was one of the frustrated users who could fail to buy that cool app for less than $2 simply because they was just not any way to pay for it.

For iOS fans, this is a relieve as you can now easily have that apple account ( atleast with your own name) this time around.

When you like that cool and very cheap gadget from e-Bay, well simply punch those credit card details and voila! Its coming home.

You can all probably notice my excitement but this really comes as a relief to millions of Zimbabweans who were denied the right to some basic services  due to some unnecessary limitations and thank God its now a thing of the past.

Previously, one would hit a brick wall after attempting to purchase anything on Pay Pal, as the Zimbabwean option was not viable, meaning that our credit cards would not be functional nor be able to be identified with.

Pay Pal Without Zimbabwe

So just thinking, whats that first thing you are going to buy online …..Intersting times ahead hey.

Nicole Madziwa

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