"Adapt or Die," Dep ICT Minister


The deputy minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, Dr Win Mlambo, this week urged Zimbabweans to fully utilise the existence of technology to remain relevant in this highly technological infested space lest their business faces extinction.
By Tongai Mwenje
Speaking during the recent commemorations to mark the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day in Victoria Falls, the minister said,

“In the context of our blueprint economic developmental guideline, ZIMASSET, it is our hope as government, that the uptake of ICTs should be maximised as this will positively impact on our economy and those who resist technology will become victi of it therefore”

general resistance to technological advancement has been the norm world wide and Zimbabwe is no exception while the same people resisting the technology have found it very dificult to operate in the information age with many traditional businesses dying or slowly packing up due to non digital migration policy.
Technology also breaks the barrier between rural and urban folks hence people should adopt and keep pace with it.

“Technology also aims to help reduce the digital divide”

, the minister added.
He also encouraged the top hierarchy in the telecommunication industry to think about how to remain profitable in the fast changing ecosystem and business environment using the technology tools at their disposal.
Hon Malmbo also said that the celebrations is also an opportune time to reflect on the achievements that have been enabled by ICTs to date and also look forward to the innovations that will be enabled by ICTs going forward.
The minister also said that the celebrations are not just a sign of going through motions but a true reflection on how the emergence of technology assisted in the dynamism of the society.

“ The objective of this important day, that, it is to raise global awareness of societal changes brought about by the internet and new technologies and build a people-centred, inclusive information society based on fundamental human rights”.

The event was attended by the provincial administrator for Matabeleland North , Ms Latiso Dlamini, International Telecommunication representative for Southern Africa, Ms Chali Tumelo, Deputy Mayor of Victoria Falls, councillor Norris Nyathi, officials from the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, Potraz board chairman,Eng. Ishamael Chikwenhere, Acting Director Genaral of Potraz , Eng. Baxton Sirewu, Managing Directors of state owned companies, Mrs Chipo Mtasa and Reward Kangai, Telecle Zimbabwe General Manager, Angeline Vere and other chief executive officers of ICT and Telecommunications Sector Operators.

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