A new app, Wiper erases all evidences of your chat


Mobile messaging is the hot topic of this year, thanks to a few big acquisitions. But what can help an upcoming or household contender stand out from the rest of the crowd? How about a privacy button that permanently removes all traces of a conversation with a single click? That’s the formula behind Wiper, a new messaging app for iOS and Android that takes the simple aesthetics of WhatsApp and Telegram and adds a button that, quite literally, wipes messages from the sender’s phone, recipient’s phone and the company’s own servers in seconds.

By Phinias Shonayi

“Whether it’s WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Google or email providers, we’ve found that the more we look at communications companies, they really obscure privacy policies about our data, such as what is done with information, and how long it is held. It is also impossible to control what the recipient of messages is doing too,” says Wiper CEO and co-founder Manlio Carrelli.

Wiper has many features you’d want in a messaging app.
• You can send text messages, photos, and videos
• You can see when your recipient is typing a response
• There’s a handy button to quickly make a call from the conversation thread.
• It doesn’t have the flashier features such as emoji (emotion icons) or the ability to send GIF (Graphics Interface Format) images. It does just a few things, and does them well.
• Messages sent have end-to-end encryption, which means they are secure and tough (but not impossible) to hack.
• Each phone call you place, which uses VoIP, is encrypted and doesn’t keep a call log.
• You can’t take screenshots of the Wiper Android app- you’ll get an error that says ‘the image is DRM protected.’ In the iOS app, you can take screenshots, but if you do it in a conversation, the person on the other end gets a notification telling them you took a screenshot.

Wiper has just raised a $2 million round from sole investor Michael Choupak, who founded cloud-based email startup Intermedia and sold it for $120 million in 2011. Choupak also provided a $500,000 seed round to get Wiper off the ground in February, bringing the total investment to $2,5 million.

The app has been live on Google Play and the App Store for a couple of weeks now and Carrelli, who was formerly CMO and head of product strategy at Intermedia, says it has drawn particular attention from the college demographic which appreciates its simplicity and the ease in which data is wiped.

High chances are you’re thinking: Why do I need another messaging app when there’s already others that are doing a pretty good job meeting my chat needs? Well, Wiper promises more privacy and security than those apps, so if that’s a concern for you, the app is worth checking out!

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