A Day at the Passport office-The digitalisation which never was!

After the Herald broke the “much exciting” story on the “digitalisition” and online passport application process, we too  were also excited about such an initiative and gave thumbs up to the registar`s office.

Its been more than month now since the move was officially announced and we decided to pay a visit as a follow up and see just how digitalisation has affected the thousands who throng the passport office in dire search of the travelling document.

It’s Thursday 1 November rainy morning, with some cold drizzles which successfully managed to discourage our crew from the scheduled wee morning  (5am)visit. So after  some compromises we finally managed to make it to corner Herbert Chitepo and Harare offices.(Makombe Building)

Much to our amusement, the queues, were unbelievable short, its now 9am and the queues are moving fast, except for the drizzles, people are shoving  and pressing to find much more comfortable places as they wait for their turns to be served.

The first queue from the western side is for fresh meats, these are the people who have just made it after 8am, “I have been here just after 8am, I have a copy of the digital application form, all these guys have no forms they are waiting for the forms but I was shocked to be told to join the same queue”, said one Mellisa (not her real name).

So why are you joining this queue Melisa since you already have your form filled up on the internet, I thought you should be here to just submit and pay up for the application?”, I asked her, before she even answered I had another unknown person interjecting saying that he has his too  and he was told to join the same queue ue almost an hour ago.

I was so convinced that these guys could have been misled and somehow and went staraight to one of the ladies attending the groups, and kindly tried to grab her attention to my burning question which I confidently presented

“excuse me mama, I have printed my filled up passport form on the internet which queue should I join for the submission”, I emphatically enquired.

“Intenet or no form you are just the same mpfana (young man), makangofanana mese enda uno joiner queue rekutanga rine vamwe vako vasina maforms iro”, literally means you are all the same, just go and join the same queue just  like everyone else”.

The woman was just loud and clear and said it in a mockery way proving the office is not anyhow treating those with the online forms differently.

I still gathered my wits to get the seemingly closed conversation to progress and pushed my luck again asked for the missing link, im not sure mama , so what good is it, for me to have this form in the first place? I enquired

More on that from TechnoMag, get your copy.

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