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ICT Minister Speaks On How The Sector Is Mitigating Covid 19

Postal and telecommunications and regulatory authority of Zimbabwe and courier services has been responsive in facilitating and coordinating COVID19 responses through providing e-healthy for healthy institutions as part of measures to mitigate the COVID19 crisis ICT Minister Jefan Muswere has said.

Potraz considered the impact and fundamental role ICTs have to play during the pandemic and engaged with mobile service providers to facilitate e-healthy.

The Ministry’s first move was to provide support towards the setting up of a clinical COVID 19 National Operations Centre at Parirenyatwa Hospital which in turn internet service providers like Liquid Telecom providing 100Mbps of bandwidth, TelOne availed toll free lines and Telecel 12 , Econet chipped in with desktops ,laptops and printers.

Announcing the initiatives in statement today the minister said ,” The importance of ICTs during the COVID – 19 period cannot be overstated given that, due to lockdown restrictions, most people have had to work from home using e – platforms while scholars and pupils have had to engage in e-learning and health institutions have had to rely on e-health for service delivery. In light of this, the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services has been working tirelessly in facilitating and coordinating the ICT sector’s response to the COVID -19 pandemic.”

Mobile operator Netone launched a fair priced e-bundle, Liquid Telecom provided free Telecom provided free trunk Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) connectivity and 50 Mega bits per second (Mbps) to the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Service’s non-clinical COVID-19 Call Centre in Newlands with short code “2023.

TelOne donated five direct lines to the Ministry of Health and Childcare for use in COVID –19 coordination.

All these facilitations has enabled operators to intensify their fight against COVID -19.

Additionally, following recommendation by the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services,

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