GTel A703i Andy Pro Review

For someone looking for a cool but affordable smartphone this festive season, a device which can do almost everything but not just all things at a very reasonable, the GTel A703i Andy comes in handy at $140.

Ofcourse this device is a predecesor of the newly launched A717 explorer.

Basically it’s the smartphone that will allow you to exactly the same thing you could be doing on any high end smart phone at a much lower price, though it will have performance limitations here and there when compared to other higher phones.

Processsor & Memory

GTel A703i Andy Pro runs on a Cortex A7 Dual Core processor. This is good enough to do basic mobile tasks with emulation capacity of basic high resource demanding application or games. For an ordinary user who needs a smartphone this is cool but the internal  memory is not much to multi task or run heavy demanding aps for demanding users.



Storage capacity is also fairly good, the beauty of this phone is that it can also be extended to as uch as 64g, a capacity I have personally failed to reach with my high end devices.

Operating System

Like any other Gtel phone, this one too carries the world`s most popular operating system, running on  Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, this means software wise you are just empowered as far  your hardware can go.


This Christmas season, probably the  most important thing to do will be capturing moments. The A703i Andy Pro has a fairly good camera in light condition, it brings in fair picture quality powered by  3.2 mp main camera plus a front 1.2mp front camera, It could do better with  a flash though.

A703i can capture burst mode and slow motion video. The device’s camera interface takes the abilities delivered rather inspiringly and brings them to a new level.


A standard 4” screen sized phone, that  Comes With an LCD which support WVGA Capacitive touch screen. This has a fairly good responsiveness system with a light touch to input command. Coming with a 4 inch screen well this rather too small for a phone of such prowess, it limits all the good graphics to a small screen.

WVGA stands for Wide Video Graphics Array, WVGA is any display resolution with the same 480 pixel height as VGA.

gtel phones

Dual Sim

The A703i is a dual-sim smartphone, giving the user an option to combine two different service providers and enjoy the benefits of each at the same time, with current mobile competition, this comes in handy


The A703i is very lightweight, weighing just 132 grams and that makes it one of the lightest smartphones on the mobile market


There is only a mono speaker on the A703i, but Gtel did a fabulous job with it and it sounds great with loud volume. The speaker performance is one reason the A703i is staying and other chinese dual sim phones are going back today. A good speaker is important to me for podcasts and phone calls.


The battery has gotten me through long days, but is not a multi-day performer for my usage. It may get better over time as I manage my notifications and figure out what I really need running in the background. It is better than the other smartphones


Many will no doubt be tempted by one of the new devices but with A703i Andy Pro proves to have all you need in a smartphone. Furthermore, coupled with its lower price is the fact the device comes in a raft of bold, brash colours, which could prove enticing to some users.

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