$78 000 Startup Weekend Package Goes To K’Tamba Toys


The three day hackathon,  under the Startup Weekend concept which was held at Hypercube hub    brought developers, designers, business persons and  technology enthusiasts  under one roof to share and pitch their innovative and creative ideas came  to an end on the 18th of May with a technology start-up,  ‘K’Tamba Toys scooping the top award. 

The other contestants who came  close to the winner walked away with mega life changing deals. which were  sponsored by Telco, EY,ZLG, Umax , Deloitte, Schweppes, Zimpapers, Esri, starfm, Lynda, pariah state among others,

By Tongai Mwenje

Out of more than fifty individuals who pitched their ideas on day only eleven ideas went through to the next round and out of the eleven presentations only two ideas were awash with life changing rewards.

K’ Tamba Toys a group of young technopreneurs which came up witha tech entertainment solution for the kids called Kwese, an app that allows kids to make music instantly by plugging in fruit, play-dough or anything conductive to make a musical instrument was chosen as the best, innovative and creative idea among the eleven ideas that were pitched before three powerful team of judges.judges on start up weekend

The idea which is a brainchild of a young technopreneur by the name Jonathan Whitaker left the judges with nothing but to award the young man with the first position status bagging in the packages that was on offer valued at $78 000.

Jonathan Whitacker is a product of St Johns College, he did his academic studies at St Johns College and finished his ‘A’ Level last year 2013.He is currently working as a consultant for Phytotrade Africa as he awaits for his enrolment at a professional college. Jonathan is also teaching engineering club at his former school as he tries to rope in several youngsters in the field of technology.

It was like a struggle for supremacy for young enterpreneurs when another teenager by the name Tadiwanaishe Maziwisa came 2nd, who came up with his Money Game idea, an online betting website that connects the customer to the betting house. The first runner up bagged $5000 worth of site maintenance and development, consulting and legal framework for a year.


The 15 year old technopreneur has got an amazing technology profile, he is a co-founder of Pitch-Pitch Company,a company with an up and running website www.Pitch-Pitch.com .The young tech has got a personal YouTube channel named Tadz Tee V, where he shares ideas and real life situations through videos with his peers in a comic manner. To date the teenager has got over 1000 subscribers from all over the world watching his videos, trending on a url www.youtube.com/user/tadzteev

Jonathan Whitacker

The event saw more than fifty participants from all walks of technology and business life pitching up their ideas, Friday marked the first idea pitching day, participants were given 60seconds each to pitch their ideas before a panel of eleven mentors who had a very critical time to choose who goes through to the next round. Techies showed their technological adept when they pitched up some wonderful ideas but unfortunately some couldn’t pull through as the competition was so tight and time confined.

The process saw eleven ideas getting through to the next round which were then grouped into eleven teams of mixed professionals of not more than seven members to compete for the mega price which saw the winner walking away with a life changing package. The teams that fought for the price are as follows:


An application that enables one to book for a spot in a queue enabling one to save time, avoid queue jumpers and touts. The app eliminates long embarrassing queues at business premises through an online booking.

The Agri market

A web and sms platform providing access to up to date, reliable and relevant information to key players in the agricultural industry


An app which provides a centralised database of medical records to avoid loss of records and increase security to the medicals records of patients.


An app which provides an interactive platform between start-ups and dynamic business mentors, investors and venture capitalists in order to provide unlimited exposure and build confidence in upcoming entrepreneurs.


A mobile app platform which allows businesses to connect with freelance resources.

Money game

An online betting website that connects the customer to the betting house


An agricultural solution that provides real time information to the farmer, in terms of market trends, commodity prices and transport rates in order for them to make an informed decision thus promoting value addition.

K’ Tamba Toys

A technological device solution called Kwese that lets kids make music instantly by plugging in fruit, play-dough or anything conductive to make a musical instrument.

startup winner2

Combi Code

A digital solution which tries to solve the problem of road carnages mainly caused by the behaviral pattern of combi drivers and many roads unworthy combis operation

Students Online

A platform that connects students, lecturers, guardians and also mentors for educational facilities and resources.



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