Africom Lights Up Gweru This Week

Zimbabwe`s leading converged network service provider, Africom will this week, from tomorrow take Midlands by Storm as they bring the infinite Voice & Data offering to Gweru and all Midlands residents and students.

To make it more exciting, they have introduced a student package called the Infinite Student where students will be able to access devices at a much lower cost that ever expected.

Both the Africom dongle and first gig are currently pegged at a whooping $25 each exclusively for Midlands students.

This is a first of its kind in telecommunications thus giving Africom a leading position in creating tailor made products for different markets. There will be Gweru show taking place from the 9th -11th August and Africom has taken advantage of the audience to light up Gweru and sign in customers who have been longing to see this service.

“As you maybe aware that there is Midlands show this week and Colleges have also recently opened, we have decided to bring tailor made data and voice services to Midlands taking advantage of the hype of activities in Gweru” said Africom Marketing representative Prosper Mutswiri.

Africom have covered the majority of towns and cities with Kwekwe, Gweru, Masvingo and Kadoma having been recently launched. Africom will have a stand at the Midlands Show and also supported by Africom Mobile store which will be all over the place bringing convenience to its customers.

Africom Infinite Voice & Data offering

• No need to worry about excess charges anymore
• Unlimited Data- $35 per months
• Voice- $10 per months (on africom network) and 12cents per minute.
• Voice (08644) -12cents per minute to any other network.
• There is instant activation.

Something New & Massive for students

More exciting is the new Africom student offering which is set to benefit Zimbabwean students. We have created communication package for students in Zimbabwean Universities and colleges that will see them being able to access internet and voice services at very affordable rates that ever done. Students must be able to do their researches and we will help them through these compelling services said Prosper Mutswiri.

1. Dongle for $25 and extra gig for $25 as well.
2. Thereafter the student can join the infinite offer where you can pay for unlimited internet access for only $35 per months.
3. Voice services( phones are available from as little as $20 plus a sim card)
4. Simply bring your student ID and you will be able to qualify for the infinite student offering.

Corporate Communication Solutions

Africom is the leader in providing ICT solutions for corporate and their landing in Gweru will gives local businesses an opportunity to enhance their businesses through reliable and affordable services provded by a tried, tested and trusted brand. Africom offers enterprise telecommunications solutions through use of advanced technologies like fibre, VSat etc.
• High speed broadband services
• Crystal clear affordable voice solutions
‘Our fully redundant services, landing from tier 1 service providers through our own Africom Teleport, as well as a terrestrial connection through the Seacom undersea cable enable us to empower businesses without the worry of broken connectivity. This includes products such as Enterprise Voice, Enterprise Data, Cloud Computing Services and Reporting and SLA Management which all aim to keep the process of business from ever collapsing whilst under the Africom network’ said Mutswiri

Guroo Activation

There will also an opportunity to activate guroo app in Gweru to all interested customers looking for cheaper voice calls anywhere in the world but still on their existing mobile handsets. This service will answer those who may not be interested to have a CDMA cellphone and would like to intergrate the service to their existing cell phones.

Africom service Access Points

• All Africom shops
• Zimpost offices
• OK Outlets
“We are a customer solutions company. We love what we do and are always looking to learn, grow and improve
Visit Africom website on

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