Ximex Mall shuts down.. but A`int nothing Changed.

As Harare City council, 2 years back issued a directive to have the all the tenants check out of the popular Ximex mall by end of day yesterday, most shops have completely shut down with goods and banners wiped out and doors closed signifying the final the death of Harare`s busiest shopping mall.

Only few shops were still operational by day end as the hub of Zimbabwe technology support succumbed to pressure.
Ximex mall has over the years been known to provide almost everything in the technological industry of Zimbabwe from hardware services of desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones ,cameras, technical support and basically every tech gadget you could think of.

In the same complex, unfortunately Ximex mall had become the hub of all kind of illegal trading which infamously made the mall the only centre in Zimbabwe where one could buy almost anything from illegal drugs to stolen gadgets making it an eyesore.

In contrary, outside the shopping, the street masters have completely been unperturbed by the closure and you could be forgiven to think that its still business as usual.

The informal traders who have been supplying the centre with both genuine and fake, clean and stolen gadgets are still heavily masquerading the mall and its honestly business as usual to them.
From one corner to other you can still clearly hear them scream out name of the latest smartphones and gadgets soliciting for clients at very “reasonable” price.

The traditional shenanigans and amateurs of the site are all still visible and to them, they seem to “say we a`int going nowhere!”

The police force has completely failed to ban these informal traders from the streets after running a series of raids and unsuccessful chases.

ironically, most uniformed police officers are also daylight consumers of the service offered by these traders.
The future of the now infamous Ximex mall hangs in the balance as only informal traders have pledged not to move away come what may.

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