Over 4000 High School Students & 20 organizations turned up for the HIT Technovation Day

The Harare Institute of Technology held its annual HIT Technovation Day last Friday at the university’s campus in Belvedere with over 4000 high school students from different parts of the country turning up for the much hyped event. Over 20 organizations across the business fraternity were present to witness the technological art and projects exhibited by the institutes’s young technocrats.

By Cisco Eng. Shingie Lev Muringi 

The HIT Technovation Day was a day to remember to all the students and members of the business world who managed to turn up for the insightful event. In his welcoming remarks, the Vice Chancellor Eng. Quinton Kanhukamwe said this year’s edition was being held under the theme “Disruptive Thinking, Big Ideas”.

The Vice Chancellor went on to add that the theme challenges the Institute to move out of its comfort zones, reflect on the daily routines and strive to find better and innovative solutions to daily problems.

All the guests were given a free tour of the university’s campus where students from various disciplines of the Institute showcased their superior projects which were all ready for commercialization in the market. The major goal of the event was to parade its researches and development outputs including Intellectual Property.

HIT Exhibits

Students moving around stands hoisted by corporate companies and getting insight on products and careers

The day also gave the academics, students, pupils, industry and commerce to interact, share ideas and motivate each other to offer solutions to the various technological challenges as well as creating an environment for rapid industrialization and wealth creation.

The Technovation Day also provided companies in the science, engineering and technology sector with a platform to promote innovation and technoprenuership amongst Zimbabweans with a vision of driving economic revival in the country.

Furthermore, the day also kept the fire alive for the advancement of the STEM initiative by showcasing the Careers of the Future to those young high school students who turned up for the insightful event. It also raised technological awareness among students, pupils as well as the industry and commerce.

Apart from the familiarization motive, the Technovation Day is also held annually to provide an opportunity for networking and building partnerships with organizations and other technological players from various sectors. To the amusement of many, those who attended the event will live to tell the supernatural talent which the institute is producing from its technology and engineering departments.

Just to be highlight some of the projects which were on display, the crowd had a hands on experience with Clive Nyapokoto’s Energy Globe award winning project called the Vermi-Compost. The project was designed to introduce a costless modern way of farming crops using aquatic waste without the need of fertilizers and fertile soils.

Tapiwanashe Matangira grabbed the crowd’s attention with his D.Rover project where he integrated modern robotics to build a wireless controlled vehicle toy though a well developed mobile app. What touched many was his ability to build a modern driven robotic toy from the wasted card-box material powered by a cellphone battery.

Over the week, we will be covering all the projects which were on display so as to showcase the abundance of local talent being mentored by the Harare Institute of Technology.

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