Econet Wireless and Shine Technologies sign ad blocking agreement for Africa

Shine Technologies and Econet Wireless have announced a deal to bring network-level ad blocking to 40 million subscribers across Africa.

The agreement marks the first availability of Shine’s network-level ad control technology in Africa, following a similar agreement with the Three Group in Europe.

An analysis of Econet’s network performance has exposed that the prevalence and unchecked behaviour of AdTech is robbing its subscribers of up to 40% of their data plans. The introduction of Shine’s ad blocking technology is seen as a way to help subscribers protect and manage their data consumption.

Under the terms of the agreement, which was facilitated by Cumii International, the first roll-out will take place in Zimbabwe, with ad blocking coverage turned on automatically for all subscribers. All remaining Econet Group regions will follow in succession.

Shine CEO and co-founder Ron Porat said, “AdTech abuse is a global phenomenon, and in Africa in particular, it is devastating to consumers’ limited data plans.”

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe CEO Douglas Mboweni said, “This will lead to quicker loading and cleaner looking web pages free from advertisements, lower resource waste in terms of bandwidth and memory. This goes a long way in solving the issue of bill shock resulting from unsolicited adverts. In addition there are privacy benefits gained through the exclusion of the tracking and profiling systems of ad delivery platforms.”

Mboweni added that, “It would be remiss not to acknowledge the role played by our partner Cumii in bringing this service to our subscribers in Zimbabwe.”

Source: developingtech 

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