Zimbabweans in UK Launch Mobile Link, Allows Diasporas To Pay Bills Directly


Zimbabweans based in the United Kingdom are making  headlines with a solution that is likely to help their beloved ones in African countries specifically in Zimbabwe which is facing cash crunch to manage their bills without cash worries.

The application  is also going to be a major solution towards maintaining and running property costs , which most Zimbabweans find in shambles the moment they come back home to find a pile of unpaid  and recurring bills with runaway balances. 

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Switch trading  as Mobile Trader has launched their Android Based  application called Mobile link which is set to connect Zimbabwe and Africa to pay for almost anything remotely.

This has  just come at the right time for  Zimbabweans in the Diaspora as they will instead of sending relatives cash which they will not be able to access  because of liquidity problems;  will instead pay for their needs i.e.  Purchase Zesa electricity tokens, pay for their DSTV  even those with South Africa  DSTV accounts, top up their mobile phones, pay for their broadband, buy binu vouchers, Telone Wifi vouchers, Telone ADSL payments  and many more

This is an instant, real-time, Global cross border financial switch for individuals, churches, retailers and organizations that want to  act as agents in their  communities  and offer local and cross border mobile airtime top up, bill payments, prepaid electricity tokens, broadband purchases, store vouchers and many other products.

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zesa bill payment mobile link
Speaking  to Thomas Maramba of CST advisory services he said that It’s that little extra ordinary vision that makes us extraordinary and light years ahead of competition.


CST business model is built on community trust and social media, so is signing up individuals, churches, retailers and organisations to act as agents and get unbelievable 5 % commission on every cross border transaction.

Mobilelink Trader has just being launched in U.K and  will be rolled into Zimbabwe, South Africa, USA , Canada , Australia, New Zealand  and many more very soon.



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