Understanding The Gtel Service Support Warranty.

Last week we spoke on many reasons why buying local smartphones makes sense and gives you peace of mind after parting with your hard earned money. This is a very important factor to consider before one makes a decision to buy that newsmartphone as well.

Most Zimbabweans went through a period of smashed screen smartphones after seeing the proliferation of fake and imitation smartphones devices which flooded the local the market.

By Toneo T Rutsito

The worst scenario that any cellphone user can face is not having service support of the smartphone for any part be it the common touch screens, LCD, mouth piece, IC chips or even housings.


The value of any cool smartphone has to be seen even after buying it and warranty issues can never be underestimated. Its fundamental! What happens to your smartphone after purchase is a lifetime support that still holds value to the ultimatum price of the product.

gtel workshop manager

gtel workshop manager

Most retail shops in Zimbabwe including major official players claim to have warranty or guarantee over their products, but it remains to be seen who really will offer the actual support should your phone face any technical glitch or needs component replacement.


Gtel care, is probably the answer to all their locally supplied smartphones. I have personally had my smartphones screen replaced more than once and one mouth piece issues fixed while I wait.


The Gtel care, their service support center reminds a customer that there is life and a relationship after purchasing a smartphone which goes on to follow the product.

Probably for me as a user, one main thing that I like the most about the support service is not just how fast and efficient they are, but the price as well they charge to fix, repair or replace the smartphones. The cover price is usually lower than any other guy from the streets would have offered to do which absolutely does not make sense to engage them only except when one is ignorant .




Speaking to the marketing manager of Gtel Zimbabwe, Mrs Rebecca Gambiza she appreciated that while waiting for your cellphone under repair is usually a painful process especially for a user who may not have a fallback option. Gtel care promises 48hrs turn around before one receives his or her cell phone.

“Our technicians go through an extensive training course before they are allowed to touch any of our customer devices. The training is world class certification that guarantees that the technician is well versed with all our smartphone product ranges to service within 48hrs” said Rebecca.

A new smartphone purchased should come with all these services, in as much as one expects a brand new charger, battery and earpieces on it, the warranty should also come clearly defined on whom , where exactly and when can get the service.

Nicole Madziwa

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