How NetOne’s Dollar A Day Has Become 26x More Powerful


I have heard most layman writers and users complaining that NetOne has killed the popular Dollar A Day(DAD) promotion which basically is the cornerstone and the brand behind NetOne’s easy call and voice offering.

By Cisco Eng. Shingie Lev Muringi 

While on the surface, NetOne has obviously ,made a major climb down from the popular Dollar A Day benefits which used to be achieved automatically after a simple top up, it seems they have given it much more value still after the new USSD activation.

What has only changed is simply the way one gets to achieve the benefits which used to come by default, but this time, you need to simply convert your normal dollar airtime via USSD code and you receive even more value than what they used to offer, hence the new USSD is better in all ways.

The old dollar a day promotion only had the recently reduced 15 minutes free talk time for NetOne to NetOne calls and standard minutes for across network calls with unlimited calls after 6 pm to 6 am the next day. These benefits were reached by merely topping up your account, meaning one did not need to activate any benefits.

However, the new USSD activation process is obviously a smart business case to filter in traffic depending on the types of users  and for those who are now  knowledgeable, the NetOne dollar a day promotion has inarguably bounced back stronger and better.

By simply dialing their main USSD  menu *171#, and picking the (DAD) menu option, one can easily now get so much more extra benefits from the same old dollar.

Netone Dollar a Day

The same dollar now has 15minutes on the net, thus Netone to NetOne calls during  peak hours and 120 minutes after hours maintaining 4 min-38 seconds to call any number outside NetOne while giving you 30 sms and a generous 30Mb of data. This is surely so much more..

While their commercials have talking much of 26 times more value, we had to dig a little deeper to prove the case behind the beating drums, at proved true that they are offering even better but if you don’t ask for it you wont get it all.

One area to look out for is the amount of days it takes you before the benefits expire, the new DAD goes over a day should you top up $2 going onwards, that means more benefits in case you still had credit in your pocket.




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