#MondayBlues: ZOL vs TelOne, Likened to Mercedes Vs BMW

I have recently been watching two of Zimbabwe’s largest Internet Service Providers by subscriber base, openly take commercial jabs against each other in a move which has fueled speculation and debate on who really is better than the other.

Of course the question that #MondayBlues would have asked is who really is behind the Advert Wars, or loosely AdWars and how far they are willing to take them, hopefully they won’t forget their major mandate of service delivery as they seem to be having so much energy and budget towards the game.

By Sting

While they may fight all they want, #MondayBlues has been asked who really is better TelOne or ZOL and this question would easily resonate to the old trending question. What really is better a Mercedeces Benz or a BMW car?.

While both cars may all be Germany based and are of high quality, I’m not sure if the same analogy resonates to these service providers but probably because of their market share in the same ISP business, let’s just fit them in the same ship before we sail.

A driver who has been through the classy Mercedes Benz will not even last a test drive in a BMW series no matter what model you may want to show off. This is indisputable! Mercedes redefines class, respect and safety and no matter what the BMW will never come closer to this even in the next versions they will launch simply because again perception is everything.

However BMW is known for take off speed and many people confuse it for constant, consistent and safe speed. This is one feature it does not have and many BMW fans only wish it had.

Coming to race life, BMW will beat Mercedes Benz anytime of the day especially on the short races, BMWs are sporty, they are made for such treating take offs and customized to drift and screech leaving the Mercedes Benz fans drooling in envy.

Any Professional dragging racer would tell you the old, traditional and trusted Gusheshes will take you to the top in the game of drifting, burn outs and screeching and Mercedes Benz should come this game as a spectator not as a player to save embarrassment.

Of course both models do have sport and luxury versions with Mercedes doing well to remain relevant with CLK series in the sporty trend, BMW still rules while the Mercedes E and S class define executive luxury models.

The choice still remains that of the user hence the two vehicles companies still exist hence our leading ISPs as well.

My other part of the brain had suggested that that the proper analogy should have been that of Mercedes Benz VS grey imports jap cars and for the first time #MondayBlues had to tone in down..

However just in case some dummy has been lost in all these analogies, Here is much more cleaner comparison of TelOne Vs ZOL Zimbabwe.

First and more importantly foremost, the two companies are not technologies and TelOne, should stop thinking its ADSL because if it was not the only fixed operator, like in any developed country, everyone would be running ADSL on copper, or is it everyone would have used it, all the same ZOL does not own ZOL.

ADSL is not a proprietary technology, its not any different from UHF, Vsat, Wimax or fibre. Unfortunately in Zimbabwe it seems more proprietary hence many people confuse TelOne for ADSL.

TelOne has fibre deployment and cool Vsat as well, just that they don’t know how to talk about it yet ZOL recently jumped on the bandwagon powered by their Liquid Telecom backbone, they became too creative and sexy in the fibroniks names making more Zimbabweans think that ZOL is to fibre and TelOne is to ADSL.

Remember TelOne and ZOL both use the useless and poor performing technologies like Wimax and UHF in one pints or the other as well.(due to line of sight ofcourse)

The difference should not be in what technology they are using but the capacity to deliver the best even if they are all using the same technology. To date about 30% of Zimbabwean residential areas are connected to the internet and 70% need the connectivity

I don’t see any reason of fight over market share when a majority is still waiting for connectivity and he who runs faster to connect whether by reliable Wimax, ADSL or fibroniks will be the king of the game

Even a Lamborghini in this case will fail to perform if you give it to an inexperienced driver, its not all about the car but the man behind the wheels as well will count because when push comes to shove, its the driver that decides how fast to go and when its safe to brake.



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