#MondayBlues: Marisa Bounces Back at Potraz

In a surprise and shocker move, Alfred Marisa has finally managed to make it back to the Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, (Potraz), a latest development which has seen the new board cleaning up the dirt and murk which the old board had swept right under the carpet or wanted under the bridge.

Some time last year, just in the early days of #MondayBlues, We raised many questions on why the Acting Director General for more than 5 years has all of a sudden sunken into the oblivion , silenced and buried at the same time yet there was no official position from both the government and the Potraz, the organization he has been serving .

The minister Of ICT Postal and Courier Services Hon Supa Mandiwanzira confirmed that Alfred Marisa was back at Potraz after the board reinstated him as the deputy Director General, a post he always had before he was pushed out.

After quizzing the authorities at Potraz,on What Happened to Marisa? The initial obvious answer was that all was just but well, and Marisa was only enjoying his leave which was meant to end in not more than 3months, patiently we waited but still there was no show for Alfred.. We pushed the then Chikwenhere led Potraz board to respond and they diplomatically responded that Marisa had amicably left Potraz to pursue other endeavours.

Our Sources however proved that all was not well and the board had lied to the media and diplomatically handled the matter which infact was a case of unfair dismissal which was rather more personal and ambitious than professional.

Alfred Marisa spotted, attending World Telecoms day in Muzarabani

Alfred Marisa spotted, attending World Telecoms Day in Muzarabani

Unfortunately when we finally caught up with Alfred Marisa, the soft spoken gentleman chose the same path and refused to even shed light surrounding the matter, while our reliable sources maintained that Marisa was pushed out, and even after ordering an audit against him, they still found him clean yet maintained that he should leave.

Reliable sources informed #MondayBlues that Marisa will however not be eying the top post he has been acting but will still remain deputy director general since Potraz has been recently advertising the director General post in all public media

The director General post is one which has always been contentious and difficult to fill in not just for Potraz but also amongst other state owned entities since its regarded to be a highly political post which only has a reciprocate lifetime depending on the political face or faction that is wielding power in the moment.

Marisa spotted at world telecoms with other senior ICT executives

Marisa spotted at world telecoms with other senior ICT executives

Only the minister and his board can appoint the person and the next political office to take over the portfolio will always want to bring in their own favorable candidate hence its the most precarious position or office anyone would ever want to hold, especially if you are young and far from retirement age.

The new POTRAZ board has managed to score a first in one of the top three outstanding issues which POTRAZ has never resolved and it seems they are almost done with the question of the substantive Director General post

Other issues which they will need to quickly deal with include the Potraz building issue which has been an almost finished project for years yet millions have continued to be pumped towards it, and also making sure that Potraz minimizes on expenditure and focus on developing the technological sector through infrastructure and investing in the young innovation energy which has largely been ignored by Zimbabwean myopic authorities.


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