TechnoMag Partners Zimpapers, Live Streaming Diamond FM Launch.

TechnoMag has partnered Zimbabwe Newspapers, The nation’s biggest media house for the official launch of their fresh new Manicaland radio station, Diamond FM which is set to happen this Friday in Mutare.

Diamond FM is Zimpapers’ second commercial radio station after the hugely popular Star FM, and is already broadcasting on the Frequent Modulation, 103.8 in Manicaland.

The partnership will see the live streaming in real time video of the event from Mutare being broadcast online, mainly being pushed onto their mobile app and onour Tech Mag.TV  live on Diamond FM Website


Speaking to the founder of TechnoMag, he said that they are greatly honoured to have an opportunity to connect Zimbabwe online to any event at any time and guarantees that the experience will be memorable.

Zimbabweans will not be missing any action from the official launch of Diamond FM, with the use of latest technology over Internet Protocols, The world has become global and all the action from Mutare will be live on the internet to keep Zimbabweans connected.

The live streaming feed will be accessible on the Diamond FM app and also on their YouTube page and all the users need to do is to hit the links and they are live with the world.

The live video and audio streaming output will be optimized for any device or gadget to give you world class experience and one needs is Internet connectivity to watch in real time.

diamond FM

Official streaming will kick start as soon as the stage is set from Mutare and all the action will be captured for hundreds of thousands who will not be able to make it to the Manicaland province.

TechnoMag TV section will also be running the same live video on their online TV channel, TechMag.TV found on a fresh new online TV which is set to be officially launched soon to the Zimbabwean market.

Zimpapers’ Mutare-based commercial station – birthed on November 4, 2015 – is steadily making an impact not only in the Manicaland province but also around the country and outside its borders.leander kandiyaro

Diamond FM, is already  live streaming  audio online already anyone outside Diamond FM’s terrestrial reach but with Internet connectivity can tune in to the station for free.

Station manager Leander “Lee-Kay” Kandiero noted the impact they had made in the few months of operation as encouraging.

He said with a team of 13 vibrant and dedicated presenters/producers and two engineers, they were destined for greater heights.


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