Offers Commission When You Invite Users

The masterminds behind The Mobishoppa network, a recently launched online store, are holding information workshops every other Tuesday at Small World Lodge (Avenues) to give members and stakeholders a platform to get to know more about shopping and earning from their recently availed platform network.

MOBISHOPPA is a first of its kind innovation, firstly, it is an online store ( that offers users shopping convenience. Shoppers can buy groceries, electronics, fashion items, home & gardening equipment and much more.

delegates following proceedings at mobishoppa launch


Secondly, and where their uniqueness lies Mobishoppa gives its members an opportunity to earn commissions from inviting other users to shop on the website- a first in the retail industry in Zimbabwe. The directors of the company say Mobishoppa can be a great source of monthly passive income for their members. In asking how they can manage pay commissions to users, the directors say that they run a very lean business model which allows them to share their profits with their users. Therefore the income they save on overheads, supply-chain and other operational costs, they can afford to payout to users as they build a network of shoppers. director2

As the company is still in its infancy, the directors feel that holding these information seminars will help their users appreciate online shopping as well  as gain tips on how to earn from the network. During yesterday’s seminar, the Directors explained in great detail, how the website functions, how users can invite other users and how the Network makes its monthly commission payouts.

Mobishoppa was recently launched this year  and the TechnoMag team got an upclose interview with the  directors. It is good to see significant progress just a few months after their launch.

To know more about, you can email [email protected] or Whatsapp +263772698393. To register on the website, users can use the following codes on the login page: 453226970 or 450395845.

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