#MondayBlues: Slowly Telecel Zimbabwe is Dying!

Whomever is doing, Whatever with Telecel Zimbabwe  should do it fast and give it back its red wings to fly otherwise the company will continue to slowly fall into oblivion amidst massive anxiety,  while its competitors  NetOne and Econet Wirelesss Zimbabwe are already seriously making inroads in the market.

Every valuable human resource is leaving Telecel Zimbabwe, from Top Executives taking lower jobs somewhere, Telecel developers being lured to Econet, the general employees are  picking whatever comes second on their table, the subscribers, its most valuable assets are still skeptical about the future and if this does not force you to hit the panic button then what will.


Telecel Zimbabwe today sounds like  its still on the auto pilot and major operational freeze, its like someone is still waiting and the question is what the hell are you waiting for.

Probably the new major shareholder government through Zarnet or NSSA, or whoever applicable  is still cautious to shake up or activate the telecoms operator and after acquiring such a potential company, one expects some energized new strategy, new policy or management tweaking.

Its  a natural process to announce new policy and direction, add remove or shuffle posts, announce new long term projects  and even the basic market need like competitive mobile  broadband access is still an unanswered question at Telecel Zimbabwe.


nkosinathi-ncube attracted back to move to Econet Wireless ZImbabwe

Their mobile service has been under siege with developers packing up and their Mobile Financial Service head as well. It gets worse when Nkosinathi Ncube who has been the Mobile Financial Services and the Chief Commercial Officer called it a day under ambiguous circumstances.

Ofcourse Telecel Zimbabwe is no stranger to controversy, but these screws needs to be tightened now and focus on the core business.

This is or was a $5million monthly profit making business, it may diminish or is it diminishing by the day. bearing in mind that  it is and used to feed many families directly and indirectly, this critical assest has to be handled with care

We need Telecel Zimbabwe as a powerful player it has been, remember it used to be the second largest mobile network operator in Zimbabwe and as the day goes by, Sim card after Sim card is getting switched off the network as subscribers are being made to forget of the existence of such an enterprise, from active to dormant subscribers.

May someone awaken this giant now or never, we can not have a history of killing sustainable  and thriving enterprises  as black Zimbabweans, we have faith in the authorities and the time is now or never for TZ. lets finish it of comrades and give it back its wings to fly.





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