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Nowadays, Simplicity is the new complexity, I have to admit the new ZOL website has perfectly brought the statement into play. When you get your way round a website without any assistance woven in a beautiful  intricate of useful icons, then the job of a web-designer is well done.

The new Joomla based platform makes access to information easy and straight forward, while their designer has perfectly mastered the art of  landing page, thumbs up to the work of art. 

By Toneo T Rutsito

ZOL Zimbabwe have clearly separated the needs of their clients from the landing page, home and office clients land on  welcome page that clearly separates their needs, depending on one’s needs, though the cool option does not re-appear on the next refresh or home page reload.

zol Zimbabwe landing page

Probably it goes without saying they have a login section for personal account details review, statement or balance inquiry., check or pay your bill.

Jut like the ZOL app launch, they made sure the app icons are loud, clear and visible, for me I Just love the on-line support which again I tested and was responded in under a minute, maybe its because it was way after after hours but still it worked, maybe they need to transfer the same experience to their toll free service which is just terrible to say the least

From a ZOL Zimbabwe persepctive, they have ramped up their intensity by unveiling a new and dynamic Website to create a more rewarding customer experience.

Speaking to Head of ZOL Marketing, Mrs Alana Chinhara, she said that Launching a new website is an exciting time for any company, and the entire team at.

zol my account corporate

ZOL Zimbabwe’s largest internet service provider (ISP) is excited to unveil their redesigned online resource, We felt it was time to modernise our website and give visitors a closer look at who we are and the value we offer to our customers”

The site features a vibrant design and a clean layout to guide visitors through the ISP’s many dynamic services. The consumer-centric design, refreshed and simplified look combined with enhanced content and optimisation for mobile devices allows consumers to better interact with ZOL online by ensuring an easier and more engaging social experience for its customers.


Nicole Madziwa

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