USD$800 000 Released for STEM Programme

The STEM programme which attracted  so much controversy and  drama early this year has turned out to be a good initiative and  a reality after all.A  total of  $788,453.18 has already been used to cover for the schooling  expenses  for a total of 3 404 students in local schools around Zimbabwe.


I must say a lot of controversy surrounding this initiative had a lot of people  doubting if this was ever going to see the light of day.

By Delight Mawere

Where is the  government  going to get the money to pay and cover expenses for these students who do not even have a limit?

What is the total budget which was set aside to cater for these students?

and several other burning  questions  that were popping up!

However I must say Prof Jonathan Moyo had the last laugh after having been accused of promoting the initiative without consultation of the Ministry of  Primary and Secondary education in Zimbabwe and building castles in the air.


According to the report,the highest  number of registered STEM students  are from Harare,Midlands and Manicaland with the lowest number being in Mash-west  and Mat-North.

It is of interest sake to note  that the registration process is still  going on and students are still being encouraged to get registered and get the free benefits of STEM!

Whether the money is going to run out or not,we really don’t want to think about,we will keep hoping the students will be covered their expenses until they are finished with their A-level studies.

All we can say is thumbs up for this initiative,let us get as many students as possible STEMITISED !!




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