NetOne Splashes "Free'' Call Minutes


NetOne is offering its OnePlatinum subscribers a monthly package of 140% discount on all calls you make and 6240 free call minutes within the user group with up to 1920 free minutes within the network .
This is a serious discount compared to other tariffs in the market, they also have 1620 free minutes calling other networks and 160 free minutes on international calls.
The OnePlatinum is a serious competition to other packages like Econet Platinum Package, the only difference now is the amount of benefits that are there between the two , in this case NetOne takes the race.
The OnePlatinum Package is for businesses who have 5 or more NetOne lines, this makes it more affordable for voice call communication. An organization/business picks the package they want and are awarded minutes according to the package they have subscribed for.
A plus for NetOne on this Business to Business focused promotion, the next question would most obviously be, will they do the same to all subscribers? Lets see whats instore.

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