Redan clients can now convert their RTGS Coupons to DFIs

Redan coupon holders can now convert their RTGS purchased fuel coupons to direct fuel imports (DFI) ones, the company has revealed.

DFI coupons are priced in United States Dollars.

Several Redan customers have been experiencing serious challenges in accessing fuel using their RTGS purchased coupons.

This has been exacerbated by the current acute shortages of the local currency valued liquid energy.

The shortages have seen the company’s several clients stuck up with the fuel tickets in their pockets.

However, the company has brought some “good news” to its clients following an announcement to convert their coupons to DFIs.

Though it comes with losses, desperate clients can now easily access the precious liquid.
The coupons are converted using the prevailing local foreign currency auction rate.

Announcing the news through a letter dated 7 July 2020, the company said customers can now convert their fuel tickets at the current conversion rate 1RTGS litre as to 0.5 litre DFI litre.

“In light of the sporadic fuel supply that we have been facing during the past weeks, Redan is offering to convert coupons and refuel card balances that were purchased using local currency (ZWL) into DFI.

Customers may convert their fuel volume at the current conversion rate of 1 RTGS litre as to 0.5 DFI litre. Please note the conversion rate is subject in line with the fuel market prices. If you find this option favourable, kindly find attached indemnity form for signing by authorised persons,” reads part of the letter.

The company added that it is a temporary measure to cushion their clients in the face of sporadic fuel supply.

” We value your business and relationship nurtured over the years, we therefore hope that the measure that we have put in place will assist in cushioning you, whilst we are waiting for the situation to normalize,” the company said.

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